Tuesday, May 27, 2008

new do and bird update

Today I got a hair cut. The first hair cut in I think two years. I've trimmed it once in a while, but it was long, long, long and heavy. It was always tangled and I kept it in a bun or braided down the back to keep it out of my way. Today, I had had enough. I donated 10 inches to Locks of Love! I'm so happy about that. I hope it can be used for someone. My hair now rest on my shoulders. It looks better and it feels light and looks good again. I'm excited about my new do.

So, I took off over 10 inches of hair and then I was thinking it is time to start taking inches off my body. To bad taking inches off my body isn't as easy as a haircut.

Our attack bird has nothing to protect anymore. The three baby birds have flown the nest. The mockingbird is still hanging out in the tree, but it is not there quite as much and do not attack quite as often, although it swooped at my head today when I was taking out the trash. I'm glad that those birds are grown and gone. I was getting really sick of the attack mockingbird.

Well, off to fix dinner...

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