Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Double the dessert, double the fun

Last night we had some friends over for FHE and dessert. I planned on making brownies. I pulled out my cook book, opened it to the brownie page and I started getting things ready. Once I had the bowl in place, I started in on the recipe. It wasn't until I got to the last ingredient, chocolate chips, that I realized something was wrong. I didn't think this brownie recipe had chocolate chips and I never put any cocoa powder in the bowl to make the brownies. I reread the recipe several times. There was no call for cocoa powder. Finally, I looked at the name of the recipe and there I discovered I had made chocolate chip cookies, the recipe on the opposite page of the brownies! Oh well. So, I finished mixing the cookies, pulled out a new bowl and started the brownies. It all worked out just fine. The guest had a choice of dessert and I had enough leftover cookies that I was able to bag them up for my son and hubby to take to school and work in their lunches.

At least I didn't get the recipes mixed up. That would have been messy.

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