Monday, May 12, 2008

A true series of randomness

I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day. My day was very nice. Hubby did dishes for all the meals! I love it when he does dishes. I hate that chore. Hubby is arranging for a house cleaner to come in a few times. I have mixed emotions on that. I am embarrassed because I'm home all day, I should be able to clean everything. Second, when she does come, I have this feeling that I should clean before she arrives. However, if she does bathrooms, I would be so happy. I hate cleaning bathrooms, especially the kids. Also if she dusts, that would be fantastic. Most of the house isn't that dusty and it is nothing that I can't keep up with, but my hubby's computer room is a different story. He collects Lord of the Rings and Star Wars nic-nacs and toys and they are all displayed in the computer room. They are always covered in dust and I don't want to mess with them. They are his toys and collections and I think he should take care of them. So, I might have clean bathrooms and a dust free computer room. That will be so nice.

On Friday, I attended a girls night out at the church. We were about 25 women there from about 6 pm until midnight. It was lots of fun. One thing I did there was paint my nails bright red. I came home and my hubby saw them. He called them devil's claws. I really like the red, but it startles me each time I see my hands. It is so strange. I've never been one to paint my nails much, but to go bright red? It is shocking.

Have you ever seen older ladies who are what you might call eccentric? I'm sure you've seen them, they have a pony tail on the top of their head, wear 50 gold bracelets on each arm and drive a red convertable? Or the lady at the restaurant with leopard print clothes and enough bangles to make a gypsy jealous? When I get old and eccentric, I want to wear big hats and red lipstick. Wouldn't that be great?

I saw a blog where they talked about being a one car family. It said there are more cars than drivers in the US. I would believe it. The family across the street from me has at least 5 cars. We are a one car family, but it is not because we wish to be "green". I would love a second car. We are a family of 7, so we need to have a big vehicle to get our family around. Big vehicles = big gas prices. I would love a second car for several reasons. One, so hubby can drive his 60 miles of commute each day and save money in the gas prices. Second, so I can have a way to get out of the house. I don't need to go somewhere everyday and I wouldn't spend just a lot of time out and about, but it would be so nice to get out if I needed to, or to take the kids to the gardens once in a while (they get cabin fever too), or if there was an emergency, I could get out and take care of it. As it is, I'm stuck at home, while hubby drives our huge family SUV, puts a ton of miles and a ton of gas and money on the thing. I think we would be more "green" if we had a 2nd vehicle than we currently are as a single car family.

Peanut had a rough evening last night. She screamed and cried for hours. This is very unusual for her. Something must have hurt. I don't know what, but something had to have hurt. Poor baby. At least this morning she is sleeping and acting normal. Hopefully, whatever it was that hurt is gone.

It is mid May, almost. Last week we had temps in the 80s. Now it is in the 50's. I don't mind, although it does feel more like an October day outside rather than a May day. Anyway, I looked at the temp on the site. It says it is 52 degrees and it feels like it is 52 degrees, but the wind is blowing 17 miles an hour. I'm sorry weather station, but when it is 52 degrees and the wind is blowing almost 20 miles an hour, it doesn't feel like it is 52 degrees outside - it feels much, much colder.

Well, I think I've taken care of most of the random thoughts floating about my mind. If not, I'll be back.

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