Wednesday, June 11, 2008

to blog or not to blog...

I've been debating lately whether to keep this blog or not. I sure enjoy writing in it and that should be reason enough, but when no one reads it, is it worth the time taken to write?

Nothing really has been going on. School is still in session for three more days and then the kids are finally out for the summer break. I look forward to it. It has been hard to get the kids to go to bed when it is still light out and twilight is streaming through the windows. It is nice for me. I like to get up when the sun rises and the days being so long, I can stay out later in the evenings if I wish. I'm not comfortable getting out alone or with kids once it is dark. That is tough in the winter time when it is dark by 4:30pm. We don't live in the greatest of neighborhoods and I don't like going out once the sun is down.

Last week on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, it was warm to hot, in the high 80's, low 90's, then on Thursday summer hit and hit hard! It is in the low 100s until about 5 in the evening now. I want to line dry my clothes, but I don't like going out in the super high temps and humidity. When I was a teen, our girls camp was in July - one of the hottest months in Texas. Yet, I camped all week, slept in a hot, muggy tent and was just fine. I guess I'm a wimp now.

Well, for not being sure if I want to continue doing this blog, I sure did type a lot didn't I?

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The Roaming Rolfe's said...

I like reading whats goning on with your family! I think it is a great way for us old friends to stay in touch! I for one would miss your blog if you stopped! You need to email me with more info! You've got my email right?!