Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A view of the world from a 4 year old's eyes

My daughter loves to take pictures with my cell phone camera. Luckily it holds a lot of pictures. Most of the pictures are very fuzzy and most are close up of things that are silly, like a close up of the play button on the DVD player or a doorknob. Some of her pictures are interesting and I get to see the world through her eyes. I wanted to share some of her pictures, my budding photographer.
Eye level with the trampoline

Eye level with the kitchen counter

An interesting picture of her foot and teddy bear on the stairs. Is this abstract art?

Out on our walk, she was taking pictures. I like this one, even though it is sideways, it shows these signs from an interesting perspective.

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The Roaming Rolfe's said...

Love the pictures! My kids do the same thing only with my camera, sometimes I wonder what they are thinking!