Friday, June 20, 2008

The Yelling Printer

We have a printer. It yells at me. For whatever strange reason, the people who developed the printer decided a voice should tell me when the printer is beginning, when the printer is finished and when the printer needs more paper. The printer's manly voice comes out of the speakers. This is a problem when I'm listening to music on the computer and then need to print something. Because the speakers are on and turned up for the music's sake, I hear the printer yell at me, "PRINTING STARTED!" If I don't turn down the speakers while the printer is printing so I can continue to listen to music, when it is all done, I hear it yell, "PRINTING COMPLETE!"

The worst is when I don't have any music on, I'm holding a sleeping baby, I need to print something, and the speakers are on and turned up and I'm not aware of the speakers being on. When the printer yells at me to tell me that it is getting ready to print, it makes me jump and wakes the baby. Then, if the printer is out of paper and I haven't turned the speakers down yet it yells, "PLEASE LOAD PAPER IN AUTO SHEET FEEDER!"

My kids and I laugh a lot about the yelling printer and they get a kick out of me imitating the printer when it yells. I make it sound like a Drill Sergent. Still, who ever decided that the printer needs to talk to me was obviously some absent minded computer nerd with no children.


Benteti5 said...

You can probably find the spot to turn that off, or turn the speakers off completely. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find that button on my kids, though I've looked long and hard.

Ian said...

I had it turned off and one point, but after a reinstall I can't find where to do that...