Sunday, June 01, 2008

chatter box

My daughter has been talking non stop to me for probably 45 minutes. She is still going. It doesn't matter what I'm doing, she has just been by my side chatting. She requires very little response, which makes it nice. It's a lot like Anne in Anne of Green Gables, but my four year old isn't quite so creative.

Although, in a creative moment,she was telling me "my heart is thinking of beauty" while she was beading a bracelet.


SLC said...

That is so funny! Where did she come up with that? Sorry I haven't been comment lately - as you know, my internet is very unpredictable and that makes it hard to write anything to anyone. I have enjoyed all of your entries though!!

SLC said...

Oh yeah, I wanted to comment on your last entry. When I first read your title for your last entry, 'Crockpot Experiment', I thought it said Crackpot. Maybe you could rename it The Crackpot Crockpot Experiment.