Friday, November 20, 2009

Busy, busy

The kids are squabbling, the house is a mess, the husband has had a constant migraine for about 2 weeks. Can I just hide under the table for a while?

While all those things are true, life isn't too bad right now. I went to the post office today to mail off my 10 pages of manuscript to the interested publisher. Yesterday I spent most of the day rewriting the second half of my book. I just didn't like the way it flowed and it needed a little something. My mom provided me with a really fun idea, I added it in, and I really like the way it is turning out. I just hope the publisher likes it too.

My in-laws are coming for Thanksgiving. We are very excited. They haven't seen the kids since the summer and Peanut seems to change and grow each week. We hope we can get Peanut to sing for the grandparents.

Things are busy as always. We've been working on Boy Scouts with one son and Cub Scouts with another... I finally bought pants for my youngest son (he has been wearing shorts even in the chilly weather) but pants for that boy are tricky. He has no rear end to speak of. Nothing to hold up those pants. I accidentally got him a size 3T. They fit perfectly in the waist and for now they are a perfect length, but if he grows even a tiny bit, those pants are going to become highwaters. The other pair I got was a size 4T. They are a great length, but they fall off his skinny body when he runs around the house. I guess I'll be sewing those up a bit.

There is always something going on. Life is never dull here.... Oh, next post, remind me to tell you the haircutting story.... :)


SLC said...

The pant thing is a problem here too. We had to invest in belts. I try to get them with elastic waistbands, if I can.

Sorry to hear about your man; the headaches and all. Good luck to you.

becca said...

We try to only get the pants with the adjustable waist bands. They sell them at Gap, Lands End, Old Navy and I think that Target does as well now if you look for the right one. They are a LIFE SAVER in the pants falling down department. Ohh, you can get belts for little ones at sears and penny's most times (my nephew needed one and that's where we found it)