Monday, November 02, 2009

Weekend recovery

What a fun weekend. What a mess it left for me today. I knew the bug guy would be coming this morning at 10:30. My boys room was a disaster. Not only were there a great many books, clothes and stuffed animals all over the floor, there was a crushed popcorn ball, a dead half eaten apple, and several smashed peanuts. I didn't need the bug man to see that!

I cleaned all evidence of popcorn, peanuts, and apples from the floor of their room.

I've noticed an interesting thing about my kids. None of them are very neat, but considering their parents, I can't expect Mr. Clean for a child. With all the candy they got from Halloween, I've noticed that each child gets rid of their candy trash in different ways. Let me explain:

Son #1 - 11 years old (going on 15) - his candy trash is all over his desk and the floor. None is in the trash can that is sitting next to his desk.

Son #2 - 9 years old - Candy trash into the trash can! Hooray!

Daughter #1 - 5 years old - Candy trash goes right back into her bucket of candy. It isn't thrown away, but it isn't laying all over the floor either.

Son #3 - 3 years old - Some goes into the trash, some goes on the floor, some goes back into his bucket. There is potiential for good here, with a little work, he could be like son #2.

Daughter #2 -19 months old as of tomorrow - She can't open most of the candy and surprisingly, she doesn't each much of it. She will take a bite and be done, so I find trash and candy all over the floor.

Well, it's time to clean more before dinner preperations begin.

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SLC said...

Ah yes, candy trash disposal. I babysat some kids Tuesday and I let them eat our nasty Halloween to their heart's content (though I'm sure their Mom paid for it later, whoops), but I found the trash in my yard, under Rose's booster seat, on the floor and tucked away in other spots. Nice. Obviously the fear of mom's wrath has not been put into them like it has with my kids. Whereas Rose just eats the candy still wrapped, paper/plastic and all.