Sunday, November 29, 2009


Things have been so busy lately. I feel like I'm falling behind in so many things, but for the most part, I'm happy. Well, not happy to be falling behind or loosing my mind, but just over all happy.

We had a lovely Thanksgiving.

My one year old is crazy. I can't describe her. She is sweet, she is a pill, she is busy, she is smart, she is into everything.

We put up our Christmas tree today. I put together the tree and put on the lights. I let the kids decorate. It's not too bad. Now that my older boys can reach the higher places on the tree, the ornaments are a little more spread out, not just on the bottom half.

My oldest son brought his cello home for the long weekend. We enjoyed hearing him play and practice.

I crochet another snood, it's light purple. I'm having so much fun. I've started another. This one I've begun will be white. My mother-in-law helped me through a new snood pattern. The problem was, I didn't look at the fact I would need an enormous hood and just crochet with my normal hook. Instead of a snood, I ended up with a cute little beanie for my one year old. Well, the snood didn't work out, but I learned a few new terms in reading crochet patterns, and I reviewed a couple of stitches I hadn't done in a while. It's all good. I'll have to get pictures up later.

I can't remember things anymore. I forget a lot almost as soon as I think of it. I carry a pen and paper with me most of the time, but by the time I get out my paper and pen, I've forgotten whatever it was I was thinking about. It's been frustrating. (See, i just thought of something else I wanted to write, but it's gone from my mind before I could type a new sentence.) Oh well, I'm turning out all the lights except the Christmas tree and I'll be enjoying it's colorful glow soon. Happy Holidays.

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Seth and Valen Baron said...

Sounds fun! I need to learn some crocheting patterns..all I have made is a blanket and a scarf and I only used one stitch the whole time lol. I wish we lived closer to everyone:( Maybe in a year or two....

I am sorry your one year old is being so niece was like that but she is almost five (in May) and definately gets better with age! Hopefully Peanut will too!