Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Shoes make me late

I'm one of those people who are early to everything. I never like to arrive late to anything and perfer to be there 10 - 15 minutes before anything begins. I've always been this way. I have continued to be this way until baby #5 came along. She is 19 months old now and I can not get out the door on time for anything. I am always rushing out the door and usually yelling at my kids to get out the door too.

There are many factors which is making this so, but I think the number one reason I'm having a hard time getting out the door on time are kids shoes. We can never find shoes. I can't press them enough that when they take off their shoes to put them in their room, in their closet. The closets are always empty of shoes. We have to go on a shoe hunt for 2-3 kids every time we go out.

There are other things that make it hard to get out the door with the kids, but the missing shoes is the biggest obstical. I'm going to have to get a shoe basket and put it right next to the front door again. Something needs to be done about the shoes.


Seth and Valen Baron said...

Just blame it on Mormon Standard Time:-). Seth has that problem of not being able to get out of the door without being able to find things's usually his keys or his wallet..

SLC said...

Here's what you do: go to the dollar store and buy a bunch of flip flops (in a gender neutral color like red or black) in a variety of sizes. And I mean a bunch; 20+ pairs. Throw them all into a basket by the door. That way anyone can wear any of the shoes. Sure, you might end up with two different sizes, but at least they're the same color and shoe! Problem solved :) - you see, I am a fountain of knowledge (though not always very good knowledge...)

becca said...

I totally agree on the shoe basket. You know our system of one pair by the front door and the others have to go upstairs. Of course that would take more space as you have 7 pairs and not 5. :0)

The Roaming Rolfe's said...

Yeah, shoe buckets are nice ideas, we have one, and can still never find shoes!!! Good luck!