Wednesday, November 18, 2009

No Way!

At the beginning of October, I sent in a query to four publishers for my book I had finished. The info I had about each one said a reply can be expected anywhere from 2-4 months. I was thinking today how I could start hearing from publishers soon. I expected they would all be rejection letters. That sounds bad... I expected to be rejected, not because I don't have faith in what I wrote, but because I never heard of anyone getting accepted right away.

Today I checked my mail and saw one of my self addressed stamped envelopes. I was excited, my first reply on my book. It was a form letter and at quick glance it said "we will no longer respond to unsolicited submissions" hardly surprising, but then I realized they responded to mine, so I read more closely, "we will no longer respond to unsolicited submissions UNLESS interested in publishing."

NO WAY! They are interested!

Now I need to get 10 pages of my manuscript ready. This is in no way an acceptance letter, but it better than I could have hoped for. Now, if I send in my 10 pages and they do not like it, I will never hear from them again. If they are interested, they will contact me. This could take up to four months.

This is so great! My idea intrigued them, lets just hope my story does too.


SLC said...

That is so awesome! Great job Molly. I'm proud of you!

Lena Baron said...

WOW Molly!! This is VERY Neat! I read that you have sent in the 10 pages. So VERY exciting!!!! I hope it continues to move forward!!! I'll be surprised if it doesn't... Awesome!