Monday, May 03, 2010

18 school days left!

It works out to 3 1/2 weeks left until school is out, but it is 18 school days. Well, 17 now, today is done.

My kids are very excited. I love my kids and I always look forward to when school gets out, but this year, I'm not so much. When my kids are home, my second son starts asking to play on the computer as soon as he is done with breakfast. When I tell him no, go play for a while, and he will return about 15 minutes later telling me he has played and can he play computer now.

The thing is, when he is not on the computer, he and his older brother are picking on each other, sword fighting and running through the house. They tend to hurt each other, the smaller kids and either destroy the house or break something. It's easier and quieter to let them play computer.

Then, I always regret it. Their eyes turn red from playing too much and they get really moody.

It's always such a battle. We don't have a yard for them to play in and any swimming costs money. Well, I guess I'll be setting up the chore chart again.

Still, we do have fun in the summer time. I'm going to plan a Monkees Mania day. I love the Monkees (the old TV show) and we don't watch the show during the other seasons, just summer. I think this year I'll plan some tasty Monkees related treats to go with our marathon. I'll have to think of other fun things we can do to go along with the day. It will be fun.

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