Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Sense of style

My 6 year old daughter has style. She has always loved clothes and wearing whatever makes her feel beautiful.

When she was 2, she loved frilly dresses. She wore her prettiest, frilliest dresses everywhere. We would go to the grocery store and people would ask if we just had her picture done and I would have to explain, no, she just loves to dress her best. Someone else said she would never let her daughter wear her best dresses everyday. My thought was, if she wear them only on Sundays, they won't get much use before she grows out of them. I knew that one day she would grow out of that stage and there might even be a day when I have to fight her just to get into a dress. Plus, she just looked so gosh-darn cute in all those frilly dresses.

Now, she is 6. She is in school, she can read and is educated. She still loves to wear pretty dresses, but not everyday. Her style is quite different. It's more hip now than frilly. This morning she came out in an unusual outfit. She had on a long sleeve, pink leopard print shirt and a hot pink short sleeve shirt on top of the leopard print. The pinks worked well together and the print under a solid was cute. Then, she had on a pair of long pants with pink hearts and on top of that was a turquoise blue skirt. It didn't work. The pants with the hearts on them were a different shade of pink, plus the hearts and the leopard print just don't work together. I kind of liked the turquoise skirt. It really popped out among all that pink.

I suggested that she take off the long pants and wear the two shirts with the blue skirt or take off the leopard print shirt and just wear the hot pink shirt with the pants and skirt. She didn't like either suggestion and was quite upset with me to telling her to change.

What did she end up doing? She removed both the pants and the skirt and put on a pair of black pants instead.
It looked good.

At this point we were running short on time. I asked her to get her socks and shoes on. The socks she put on were yellow. They didn't match at all, but I'm not going to battle sock color when her long pants and tennis shoes cover most of the socks anyway. It wasn't worth our time or energy to coordinate socks.

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