Sunday, May 16, 2010

bathroom ideas

I've mentioned that I recently toured a parade of homes. I love looking at homes. I've enjoyed looking at house plans since I was 12 or 13 years old. I would get graph paper and draw out floor plans. I even had the idea of becoming an architect just so I could professionally design house plans. I still enjoy designing house plans, but now I do it on the game The Sims.

Then, on Sunday I got to thinking about house plans and bathrooms. In a typical 3-4 bedroom house, the master bedroom has a master bath. In some homes (like the nice ones I saw on the tour of homes), the master bathroom is very large and has all the luxuries a bathroom could offer - whirlpool tub, large shower with two shower heads, the commode in its own little room with a door, double sink.... you get the idea.

The other three bedrooms are expected to share a smaller bathroom that usually has a tub/shower combo, a commode and one sink.


I must say, most of our family's bathroom time is spent in the master bathroom of this house. It is quite large. The tub, while normal sized and plain, is separate from the shower. The commode is in it's own little room and there is lots of counter space for hair stuff, and everything else that goes on a bathroom counter. The shower is large enough for several small children. It is a nice, spacious bathroom. It is where my two youngest bathe. It is where we are potty training Peanut.

I was wondering, why isn't this the other way around? I wish it was the kids bathroom that was the larger one. If three bedrooms and their occupants are expected to share one bathroom, the ideal bathroom would be the large one.

The tub area must be large enough for me to put a chair in. Sitting on a chair, looking at a magazine while my kids take a bath is much more pleasant that sitting on a closed toilet seat while they bathe.

Well, if I ever get to design a house for us, or have any say in our house design, the main bathroom that is used by all the kids is going to be a big bathroom! That way I can re-claim my bathroom.


brenkachicka said...

I think you have a brilliant idea. Nothing is more uncomfortable than sitting on the toilet while the kids bathe. Can't leave 'em when they are little.

SLC said...

And while you're sitting three inches from the bathtub on the toilet, your book/magazine can get very wet. I just want a bathtub that doesn't touch the wall - that way I can move all around the tub, washing everyone's hair easily. The worst is making kids switch places and then turn to just the right angle so that my back doesn't snap in half.