Thursday, May 13, 2010

What did he learn?

My middle school experience has been quite different from my son's first year in middle school. It's probably been better in someways, but there have been a lot of things I really don't like in their methods.

There is 2 weeks of school left - 8 1/2 days.

While chatting with my son this morning, I asked him if the teachers were busy doing reviews for final exams, remembering how when I was in school the last two weeks were spent finishing the final chapter of work for the year, going over study sheets and reviews for the big exam that would happen the last two or three days of school. He said no, they have already taken most of their end of year tests.


When did you study for these? I don't think he did. What are you doing in school these last two weeks since you've already done your finals?

Well, in English, they are walking laps around the football field, reading the book Holes and they will be watching the movie soon.

In math they are doing fun math projects. (What did you learn in 6th grade math? My son still has a hard time with fractions, decimals, and basic multiplication and division since they did very little of this.)

In science they are creating creatures that might be found on other planets in the solar system.

Anything else he told me about school, I didn't hear. I was too dumbfounded plus my son mumbles a lot and it is hard for me and my bad ears to understand.

I think only in Orchestra is he still doing anything productive. Tonight is their final concert, but I know music teachers will keep their kids playing until the last day.

This year, I only saw him do homework a couple of times. He had a science project, and a social studies project (that he didn't tell us about until the night before), and he did lots of free time reading in books of his choice. I don't think there is anything wrong with letting the kids choose their books for free time, I wish my teachers had let us choose more often, but not requiring them to read any of the classics is odd. He didn't study for tests, didn't have mid-terms that I know of and if he did, he didn't study for them. Like he didn't study for his finals.

Really, I'm just amazed at what I've seen this year. I know it isn't the teacher's fault. They must teach to the majority and the majority here doesn't speak English as a first language. Well, home school is looking more desirable each day. I say that until this summer is coming to an end and I will be wanting them to go back to school.


SLC said...

That's too bad, and really odd. Hopefully the high school will be better about getting him ready for college.

Lena Baron said...

AMEN! AMEN! AMEN! Amazing!