Saturday, May 01, 2010

Parade of Homes

I LOVE going to a parade of homes. I love seeing the houses, the styles, the millions of details and ideas that I had never thought of before.

I think we saw 19 or 20 of the homes in the showcase, plus a few others that were just opened. Some I saw and didn't like much. Some had wonderful ideas and parts that I liked, and a few were just so wonderful I kept wondering if there were any way we could arrange to buy it. (Not really, but I loved them that much.)

One home had only 2 bedrooms, but everything else about the house was amazing! Especially the outdoor spaces. It had a jacuzzi and a miniature putt-putt space. Fabulous!

Another home had a beautiful view and was at the foot of the mountains. Oh how I would love a view of the mountains like that one had. It had a pantry that opened out into the garage. Isn't that the smartest idea? After going to the store, you just pull your car into the garage and load all the groceries right into the pantry! This home also had a sitting room off the master bedroom with a large window that looked out to the mountains. It would be perfect for my loom.

We saw another home for sale, but it wasn't open to view. We picked up it's flier. It was HUGE! It had a 11 car garage. Can you imagine? Eleven car garage! We decided that if we could afford to buy that home (no way since it was $1.25 million), we would dig up the floor in a part of the garage and put in an indoor pool! Then on hot days, you could swim in the pool and not worry about sunburns, but you could also open up the garage doors to let light and breeze in.

I love touring luxury homes!

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