Saturday, May 15, 2010


My children are snobs. About certain things that is.

Snob Thing #1 - Hot Dogs
In years past, when we only had two kids, we would always get the cheese dogs. Yum. My second son couldn't get enough of them. Then, one day, this same son decided he no longer liked cheese and hasn't eaten much cheese since.

(I would say never eats cheese, but he does get some when he eats pizza, but he isn't a huge pizza fan and will usually try to pull off the cheese first, but this post isn't about pizza.)

OK, no more cheese dogs. Instead we got regular dogs. Often, I would buy the cheap ones on sale. The kids were happy to eat these. My husband was the first hot dog snob. He didn't like the cheap ones. He started buying beef franks. These are very yummy, but very expensive. My kids loved them.

Now when we have hot dogs, the first thing I hear is, "Are these cheese dogs?"
"Are these beef dogs?"
If I say no, they are regular dogs, they groan and complain how they only like beef dogs.

Hot Dog Snobs.

Snob Thing #2 - books
My oldest son didn't want to read for years. Nothing we presented to him would he read. Often he would see books and tell us he wanted to read them, so we would get them for him and he wouldn't read these either. Then suddenly, he began reading! Reading like there was no tomorrow. He will read through thick novels in 48 hours (which is hard to do when you are in school for 16 of those hours, and sleeping another 12 - 16 of the hours.) We were so happy to have him read!

Hubby would buy most of the books for him. Well, that can get expensive, especially when then are new and in hard back. So I suggested to my son that we get books from the library. They are free and if he doesn't like them, we've lost nothing. I also suggested that we check out book sites on the Internet where you can buy a book for $3-5 (includes shipping). He didn't like either of these ideas. He claims that second hand books are usually beat up and have pages missing. I've never gotten a book from a library that was missing pages. Sure, books from those types of establishments tend to have some wear, but not to the point that you can't read them.

He is just being a snob and wants a fresh, crisp, new book that he is the first to open. Once he is done, they tend to be a bit beat up. Especially if he puts them in his back pack when he goes to school. Books are expensive and he is ready to spend his own money, but the problem is, he doesn't make enough babysitting to buy new books as often as he would like to.

Book Snob.

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SLC said...

I would have to agree with your family on the hot dog thing. There's nothing worse than a cheap hot dog, except maybe one that's covered in poo.