Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Busy to do list

There is a million things going on. Some of them are fun, some of them are chores and some are just things that need to get done.

I need to write a to do list!
TO DO Today:

*stretching video
*shower - VERY important
*clean kitchen
*wash kitchen floor
*get end of year presents for teachers (can wait until tomorrow if I run out of time today)
*write my "statement of purpose" for grad school application (I've been putting that one off for a month)
*call grad school to ask a question about the application (also been putting off for a few weeks)
*take Tiki to appointment
*pick up kids and take them to various places
*pick up milk and a few other grocery items (can wait until tomorrow if I run out of time today)
*mail letter of recommendation info to a couple of people
*mail brother's b-day card. His birthday is past, but I didn't have his address until yesterday.
*write in future activities on calendar, so as not to forget them
*plan our annual Monkee Mania day to be held within 5 days of school getting out for the summer!
-This year we will include Monkee related foods, like cream of root beer.
*plan menu for rest of the week. I'm tired of searching through the fridge/pantry at 5:00 and saying, if I had thought of this sooner, I could have started something yummy in the crock pot.
*start the crock pot

If I manage to get a lot done on my list, perhaps there will be time for writing or weaving.

Well, it looks like a busy day. First things first, I'll do my stretching video (my legs feel cramped this morning) and then shower. We'll figure out what's next in priority list after the shower.

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SLC said...

Make sure you get your oxy-cizing in there somewhere. Don't let those old ladies down! What a crazy day you had - hope you were able to get it all done.