Monday, August 09, 2010

end of summer blues/joy

I never like sending my kids back to school after the summer break, but at the same time I love to send my kids back to school after summer break.  Can that be possible?

One big reason that the love of sending them back overcomes the dislike of sending them back is by the end of the summer, they seem more, oh, I don't know, argumentative?  There is some boredom in that they really start to miss friends.  So, instead of becoming better friends with their siblings, they start to annoy each other.  Why is that?  There is more fighting and more teasing.

My youngest two are going to miss the others when they go back, but I think they will find more peace and happiness with each other when the older three aren't around to antagonize them.

Still, I hate to send them off each day for 9-10 months to sit in a school room and do their best to learn in an environment that doesn't always encourage learning.

I guess you can have opposite feelings about some things.  This time of year is truly a sad and happy time, for all involved.

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