Saturday, August 07, 2010


Yesterday my two older boys had an end of the summer party with some of their buddies.  They had a great time.  They tossed a beach ball around in the living room for a while.  Well, tossed is hardly the right word.  They threw the beach ball as hard as they could at each other.  It was pretty funny.  Then, one of my sons brought out a big foam puzzle and they threw the pieces at each other like they were Chinese Stars.  I'm still finding pieces of that puzzle around the house.

I BBQed hamburgers and hot dogs for them and they had lunch.  There was lots of food for them.  They turned on the X-Box for a while and discussed the pros and cons of Halo vs. Halo 2 vs. Halo 3 and what the future versions of Halo will be like.

After such a deep conversation, they went out in the rocky front yard to play some water games.  The game started with tossing wet wash cloths at each other, then one of them turned on the hose and started spraying the water at anyone who came with in range, including myself and my two littlest kids who were out there too.  My oldest son is so funny when it comes to water.  He loved it when they would spray him with the hose, and he encouraged them to fill up the buckets with water and dump them over his head.  They were all completely soaked and so was I.  My shoes are still sitting outside in the sun getting dry.

After several hours, moms started arriving to pick up their boys and I started cleaning the mess inside the house.  One friend stayed until dinner time and they had fun playing more X-Box.  I should have kicked them off and had them help me clean, but I'm too nice and I let them play.

The party was a great success and everyone went home wet and happy.  Now this last week of summer, we will be getting the last of the school supplies, making sure everyone is registered properly and attending open houses at the schools.  It is sad to see summer end (but I'm ready for them to go back).

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Lena Baron said...

WOW! That sounds like a blast! You have lucky boys!