Wednesday, August 25, 2010

laundry conversations

Speaking to my 10 year old:
"Mom, I don't have any socks."

"Well, I did six loads of laundry yesterday.  There were no socks of yours in there.  What do you do with your socks when you take them off?"

"I throw them."

"Throw them where?"


Yeah, no wonder we can't find socks.

Speaking to my 6 year old daughter:
"Here, Daughter, is your pile of clean clothes.  Please take it to your room and put the clothes in your dresser."

"In my dresser?"

"Yes, in."

"Not on top of my dresser?"

"No, in your dresser.  That's why there are drawers."

1 comment:

Kleanteeth said...

Funny, I've had very similar conversations. There is some big sock eater monster somewhere because I am constantly replaces socks and never find the old ones.