Sunday, August 29, 2010

Much on my mind

I've got a lot spinning around in my head, but not too much that is blog worthy.

I've written about this before: music.  I've been listening to a small list of some of my favorite music.  Only one song has singing, the rest are instrumentals.  Gosh I love my music.  I wish I could describe what about music that is so magical to me, but I can't.  Even if I could, the way this particular music makes me feel may not touch someone else and certainly not in the same way.  But music is for me, very magical and it seems to tickle a memory that I can not reach. 

I'm working on becoming professional.  Does that sound funny?  For my school program, I will have to post my resume before the semester is over.  I don't have much of a resume of professional work to post, but I started thinking of the several organizations I belong to.  They are very professional.  I may not contribute anything to those organizations as of yet, but being a part of them and reading their newsletters and publications keeps me informed on the professional things others do.  It looks good and sounds good when I can say I belong to the International Council of Onomastic Sciences.  It sounds very impressive.

Hubby and I went for a drive the other day.  I thought of something funny I wanted to blog about, but have since forgotten.  Typical of me.

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