Thursday, August 12, 2010

The things Peanut says

Peanut's grasp of the language is really growing.  She is starting to use prepositions.  "He is in his room," for example or "I want to watch a movie." (both things she has said to me recently)

Today she said:
"Hey, cut it out!"  when her brother annoyed her.

"I want to play Nick Jr. on Daddy's computer." (although she says Mick Jr.)

"Will you turn off the music?"

"I'm done crying now." (said while crying)

She loves to review the 12 - 15 sign language signs she knows.  Her favorites are baby, milk and eat.  She didn't do any sign language for a while and about two weeks ago, she started to do them again.  I need to teach her a few more.  My sign language vocabulary is very limited, but I know a few more.  I need to teach them to her.  We also sing the ABC's a LOT.  I should sign the letters while we sing.  Maybe she'll pick up on those too.

I love watching babies go from crying to speaking language.  It's an amazing journey.

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