Friday, August 20, 2010

Hanging out on campus

School has changed so much since I went and I didn't go THAT long ago.  I graduated from college in 1997, so that's what, 13 years ago?  It might as well have been a hundred years ago for all the changes.  Wi-Fi didn't exist.  Heck, I didn't use the Internet for the first time until my senior year in college.  If you had a laptop, it was huge and weighed about 30 pounds.

The catalogs needed to search for the classes you needed to take were actual paper catalogs.  Now, everything is online.  As handy as that is, having everything online, it can be a pain.  To see one classes description, I click here.  Nope, that wasn't what I wanted, back click.  Maybe this class, click, nope, back click.  It was handy when it was just on a sheet of paper where I could dog ear pages, circle a class that looked interesting, and X out the classes I didn't need or couldn't take.  Now I'm like, what was that class again?  Click on link, nope not this one, back click, this one? nope, back click, etc.

No one had cell phones, much less iPad, iPods, smart phones and all.  It was notebooks and paper.

So, here I sit, on campus, linked into their Wi-Fi, typing on my blog, listening to music on my headphones, and enjoying the college atmosphere.  I have to go home tomorrow and my little college life will be over.  I'll start classes, but I'll be at home, with kids running around in the house, trying my best to figure out how to take an online class.  Who would have believed that thirteen years ago?


Linnea said...

I'm so impressed with you going back to school! Way to go Molly!!

Linnea said...

I'm so impressed with you going back to school! Way to go Molly!!

SLC said...

I'm with you there - cell phones were just starting to come out my last year or two of college. I just remember seeing girls on their phones between classes, talking to their roommate and their conversation went about like this: "Oh my gosh, class was so long. I am like, so tired. Where are you? Oh my gosh, I'm just on the other side of the building! Hey, what do you want to do tonight? Yeah!? OK, that would be like, totally fun. We should call ___(the other roommates) and tell them. OK, like bye!"

OK, like, do you really need to call you roommate who you are going to see at home in like, five minutes and talk really loud so the rest of us know all of your plans? Like?

Annoying. We're getting old my sister, we're getting old.

ML said...

Susan, you are so funny and so right.