Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Puppet Show

We have two hand puppets.  One is Bard the Dragon from Baby Einstein.  The other is just a grey dog.  They make beautiful music together.

The duets began with my two oldest sons.  They got the funny idea to do a puppet show and have the dragon and dog sing to the song Monster Mash.  It is so funny!  Bard (played by my oldest son) sings the main song.  The dog, (played by my 10 year old son) is the backup singer.

Now, when the kids are all at school, my two youngest get the puppets and have them sing to the song Puff the Magic Dragon.  The best part is when I actually hear my two little ones sing the song.  I love their sweet little voices singing together.

If Peanut had not broken our camera, I would take a video and add it to the blog.  It's so cute!

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