Saturday, January 31, 2009

Post #199

I've almost reached the 200 mark. I once read a funny statement about blogs - Never have so many been able to reach so many and been able to talk about absolutely nothing. Well, that might not be the exact quote, but it's pretty close and very accurate. Don't you just love it? I love all the mom blogs talking about laundry, cleaning kid messes and what to make for dinner. I've gotten so many wonderful recipes and ideas from all these blogs.

Thanks to all you many bloggers who talk about nothing - it makes my day!

I'm envious of my daughter. She came up to me the other day wearing her favorite jeans. "Mom," she says, "these keep falling off." She showed me her waist and it is thinner than it was a few weeks ago and her jeans are hanging low. She must have hit a growth spurt. There is nothing else that could have changed her that much. I wish I could say that about me. I would have to grow pretty darn tall to experience what my daughter has.

I've been working on exercising. I want to loose weight and get into better shape. We have DDR on the Wii and I love it. So, yesterday, this is what my exercise program is like. I pull out the DDR mat, start up the disk and get my hand controllers ready. Peanut starts to crawl on the mat. I pick her up and move her. She comes back onto it and sits in the center. I remove her again and give her something to do. I set up my options and get dancing. I do a couple of dances. Peanut crawls back onto the mat while I'm dancing. I miss a few steps because of her. I step on her hand once too. Well, my score wasn't very good. I move Peanut again. I start up the next dance. My three and five year old are jumping on the couch. They accidentally bump into each other and my three year old starts to whine, "She pushed me, she pushed me." Meanwhile, my daughter is saying, "I didn't push him!" I saw what happened and I agreed with my daughter, no you didn't push him, it's ok. Well, my son didn't like that. He got a hold of his toy light saber, walks up to his sister and hits her as hard as he can with it. It gets her right in the heal, and it hurt her. There goes my exercise. I turned off the Wii, ran to my son, grabbed the light saber from his hand and tells him what he did was very wrong and I send him to his room. He is crying from being in trouble, my daughter is crying because she is hurt and Peanut starts to cry because everyone else is. Well, exercise time was over after about 5 minutes. I had to take care of the crying girls and return son to his room because he tried to leave.

This is why I can't loose weight. My children are sabotaging my efforts!


Linnea said...

This was funny! I couldn't get serious about losing baby weight until the youngest was 2 because of stuff like this! It gets better!!

Lena Baron said...

I missed this post... My sister told me that her story was similar to this. She's done having babies and has finally been able to focus on herself now that her baby is three.... Good Luck until then! You guys are in our thoughts and prayers often!!!