Wednesday, February 08, 2012

buying clothes

I feel like I am constantly buying clothes. 

A couple of kids need new shoes.  Didn't I just buy new shoes?  Oh wait, that was for the two youngest.  Now it's the oldest son and oldest daughter's turn for new shoes.

Get this:  my 13 year old son is 5'9".  That's tall for a 13 year old, but he is going to get taller.  His hands are bigger than my husband's (who is 6'2") and the boy's feet are the same size as Hubby's too.  Whoa!!!  Stop growing kid!

Since the youngest son started school, he is going through pants like crazy and with him, it's not because he is growing a lot.  The little guy seems to be about the same size as always.  He is, however, always putting holes in the knees.  I need to learn to patch his clothes so I don't have to buy more. However, he is at that wonderful age where his size is the biggest in the toddler section and the smallest size in the boys section, giving me two options to shop in.  Yesterday, I went to buy him pants (again) and the cheapest pair of pants in the boys section was $12.  I crossed the aisle to the Toddler section.  I found pants his size on sale for $5.56.  YES!  New pants!

It's not like I'm out buying outfits just for the fun of it, although that would be fun to do sometimes, but, I just feel like I'm constantly buying clothes.  I shouldn't be surprised with 5 growing kids, but for whatever reason, I figured I'd by clothes and shoes at the beginning of the school year and clothes and shoes at the beginning of summer and that would get us through the year.

But NO!  My kids have their own ideas of growing in between those time.  The nerve!

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SLC said...

I know what you mean about always buying clothes. It seems like for a little while no one grows and then all at once, I'm having to buy for all three - it gets expensive I can't believe how big my nephew is!