Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Two and a half hours

Four days a week, I've got around two and a half hours completely to myself.  Peanut is going to preschool.  She absolutely loves it.

We've only been doing the preschool for a couple of weeks now and she hasn't gone a full four days of school in a row yet, but that's been because of school holidays and bad weather interrupting the schedule.
My problem is what do I do with that time?  I've got a million things I can do, so how do I choose?

Yesterday was a perfect example of my unorganized use of time:

*Get home from dropping Peanut off at school

*Get on computer, check email, read a blog

*Still on computer: check school stuff (Monday was the first day of the new semester)  pull up readings for the week and shrink them down on desktop.  I pull up my school emails and glace through those.  The grade from one of my classes last semester is posted.  I check my grade and read the comments the professor left regarding my paper.

*Call Hubby, tell him my grade

*Work on a new project I'm formulating to eat better, exercise and hopefully loose some weight.  Typed up those ideas and transferred my food diary I've been keeping on a scrap paper into my new system.

*Thought comes across my mind: Wow, I should be spending this time exercising.

*I walk out to the back yard.  The day is beautiful and quite warm for being the last day of January.  I walk to the back fence (our yard is quite large).  I walk back to the house.  I walk to the fence, I jog back to the house.  I'm done.  The ground is mushy from previous rain and very uneven.  I'll just do one of my videos in the house.

(By now I'm down to 40 minutes left before I've got to go.)

*I can't find the video I want.  OK, I'll do the other one.  I put it into the DVD player and turn on the TV.  No sound.  What happened to the speakers?  I mess around with the hundred wires that run behind the TV.  Forget this!  I take it down to my computer.  The computer plays the DVD and I have sound, but why isn't the mouse working on the DVD menu?  I literally bang around on the keyboard for a moment.  Somehow it changes to the workout and I'm set.

*I do the workout.  It's fairly short.  I look at the clock and whoa!  I should be leaving right now to go pick up Peanut! Run out the door and drive to the school.  Peanut's waiting for me.  I get a big hug.

I didn't get the school reading done.  I didn't get the dishes done, laundry rotated, dinner thawing, or anything cleaned. No writing, no weaving, nothing.  Even though I kept busy during all that time, I only accomplished 15 minutes of exercise. 

I really need to get better at organizing this personal time.

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SLC said...

In time, I'm sure you'll figure out a routine. Those few hours go by faster than any other hours in the day. I'm excited to hear what kind of things you are working on.