Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Downstairs colors

So, I took the advice of a certain comment from SLC and turned off the flash of my camera.  I also took the pictures during the day, but that really didn't matter for two of the rooms since there are no windows or natural lighting.  Get ready for a most unusual rainbow of rooms.
Youngest son's room.  It is an odd blue/green on top and a rather ugly brown on the bottom and a white shelf that runs two of the four walls.  This room has no windows and only one small ceiling light.  I really need to buy some lamps for this guy's room.  He won't play in there and I don't blame him.

The two other boy's room.  Yes, it's light purple and dark purple.  It would have been better for the girls to have this room, but it is the largest of the kid bedrooms and so it went to the two largest kids in the house.  They don't do much more than sleep in here anyway.

The downstairs bathroom.  Again, no natural light.  It's a sagey green and it's quite nice.  The stone in the bathroom is white/grey marble looking.  It is the nicest of the three bathrooms in the house.

The main common room downstairs.  It's a bright yellow, but it's nice.  Like our fan?  We've had that since we lived in Hawaii.  It actually looks nicer in person than it does in this pictures.  I got a little too much ceiling in the picture. 

Laundry room.  An unfinished room with our disco ball.  It's a very groovy laundry room.
Well, there you go, a color tour of the house.  Nothing matches, but after the monotony of the last house where the tiled floors, walls and ceiling were the exact same white, this house is kind of fun.


SLC said...

Those are exciting colors. That blue and brown room is really odd. That brown is gross...reminds me of something...

Molly said...

A certian plastic toy hippo we had as a kid?