Friday, February 03, 2012

Guessing game

What is this, you may ask?  These are photos taken with a flash.  I'm not a photographer.  Take a guess what these are and how they are all in common:

sage green

a shade of blue

OK, what do you think?  Are you ready?  They are all the colors of the walls in the upstairs of my house.  The living room, dining room and hall are that tannish-brown.  The girl's room is the green.  Really, it's much brighter and more like a lime than sage, but my excellent photography skills made the picture look sage.  The bluish room is the master bedroom and bathroom and the maroon is my loom room.  None of them work together.

Just wait until you see the down stairs colors.  None of them repeat what you see here.

BTW, I did not choose any of these colors, they came with the house, and being a rental, I can't change them, but if I could, I would make more of the house the bluish color.  It's a cool, pleasant color without being overwhelming.


SLC said...

Maybe you should learn how to turn off the flash on your camera... and then take pictures during the day with natural light - with furniture in the shot so we can see the wall color compared to every day items and then learn to turn off your flash. Oh wait, did I already say that?

Molly said...

What are you saying? OK, OK. When I do the downstairs pictures, I'll turn off the dumb flash. I wanted just pictures of the color, but now that you've seen the color, I'll take pictures of the rooms so you can see it compred to the furniture.