Sunday, February 12, 2012

What's that sound?

The other afternoon, I went outside to pick up the mail.  As I started down the driveway, I heard a loud noise.  It sounded like a deep rumbling.  We have trucks driving down our street all the time, but this wasn't a truck.  We don't live near enough to the freeway to hear the constant stream of cars flying down it.  The sound stopped me in my tracks.  I looked around and listened.

Then, I realized what the odd sound was - it was the sound of a strong wind blowing through the trees.  Three years of living without trees has made me forget what the sound of wind in the trees is like.

I can't wait until summer, when the trees are full of leaves and then to hear the wind rush through that.  What a sound it will be.  I love living among trees again.

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SLC said...

What a lovely back yard!! I would miss trees more than anything living in the desert.