Monday, February 13, 2012

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Good morning!  It’s 7:15 am and it’s time for the W-MOM morning news show.  This show is being brought to you by Breakfast Cereal.  Yes, it’s Breakfast Cereal, the favorite breakfast of ours and so many families across America.

                We love breakfast
                We love cereal
                Pour in the milk and hear it crunch
                We promise that you’ll like it
                We promise that you’ll eat it
                So go to the store and buy a bunch

First we’ll take a look at this morning’s traffic.  Everything was quiet this morning until about 6:30 when the first of the morning commuters started getting up.  By the time Husband left for work, all five children were up and the commute through the house started picking up to its usual frantic pace as everyone started searching for shoes, backpacks, and homework folders.  Keep an eye out for traffic jams in the bathroom and be careful leaving your bedroom and going into the hall for the preschooler who seems to be running through the house in nothing but her underwear.

Today’s weather calls for sunshine, but right now it’s partially cloudy with a temperature of 14 degrees.  Make sure you take those coats when you head outside.  It’s cold out there.

This week is an exciting week as tomorrow is Valentine’s day.  Children across the household have planned and prepared in their own special way for the day’s festivities.  We go out live now to our Valentine’s correspondence, Daughter, to hear about some of the planned activities.

                “Thank you Mom.  Tomorrow my class is going to have a party.  I got a box of Princess valentine cards from the store.  I wrote the name of each friend on the card, wrote my name in the ‘From’ space and I closed the card with a heart sticker.  We will be trading cards in our class and having cookies.”

Thank you Daughter for that breaking news story. 

Also in this week’s busy schedule is the 100th day of school celebrations.  Children are encouraged and some are even assigned to bring one hundred of something to school.   This assignment can be a daunting task for parents, but it need not be a cause for extra stress.  This Mom has done many 100th Day celebrations over the years and has some tips for stressed out parents.  You might have heard about gluing 100 pennies to a poster board, but I will tell you that doesn’t work.  No matter how good you glue is, pennies are not going too stayed glued to a flexible poster board.  So what else is there to do? Here are some other good ideas: 100 stickers on a sheet of paper, 100 pieces of paper from the shredder machine waste pile and for those last-last minute ideas, grab a box of toothpicks.  All of these ideas are simple and economical.

We’ve just had a breaking story in the traffic center, it seems that the Kindergartener was making a left turn out of his bed room and ran right smack into the preschooler who was sitting on the floor in her underwear playing with dolls.  Big sister is on the scene to help pick up the scattered dolls and hand the preschooler a t-shirt to put on.  Kindergartener is reporting minor injuries on his knee from his fall onto the floor.  Be wary of traffic in the hallway, it is a bit slow right now.

Up next we have an idea story – school lunches.  Do those two words make your hair stand on end?  Dread lunch time no longer as we share a story filled with tears, laughter and information.

School lunches brought to you by Silverware, the leading brand name in silverware.  Silverware is perfect for spreading peanut butter on bread and makes packing those pesky school lunches a little easier.  Don’t forget to pick up your own package of Silverware.

Hey Moms! Does the thought of making school lunches everyday cause you to break out in a cold sweat?  One mom felt this way, so she set out to find ways to make school lunches fun, nutritious and eco-friendly.

                “I make five lunches every day for my children. I was getting bored with peanut butter sandwiches, chips and snack cakes. Plus I was using a lot of plastic baggies.  I decided to do a little Internet research.  I found some really great websites and blogs that showed pictures of the cutest lunches ever.  Instead of plastic baggies, they used silicone cups to hold the food in cute lunch boxes.  They filled the lunches with colorful pasta salad, fruit slices and they cut the children’s sandwiches into shapes with cookie cutters. 
                “I was inspired!  Searching the Internet a little more I found those great silicone cups for sale.  Four cups for $12.95? That seems pricy.  I guess I’ll just keep using the baggies.  I tried cutting my children’s sandwiches into fun shapes, but it was leaving a lot of scraps that were perfectly good food.  I felt more wasteful than ever.  I tried colorful pasta salad, but the kids didn’t like it.  All they wanted were their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, chips and snack cake.  Well, I tried.”

This great idea segment was brought to you by Silverware.  Show your kids you care, use Silverware!

The time is now 7:40 and it’s time to walk the children out to the bus stop.  The temperature has risen to a balmy 17 degrees.  Burr! It’s cold out this morning.  Make sure those coats are zipped up.  From the house the Pre-schooler has walked out.  She is wearing an unusual ensemble of a pink shirt, purple princess skirt, one sandal and one hot pink flip-flop.  It seems the chilly temperature has deterred her and she is going back into the house. 

It’s 7:43 and the bus is right on schedule.  The kids are on the bus and off to school.  Join us tomorrow right here at W-MOM for our morning show where we will talk about planning dinner by starting the slow cooker at breakfast.  Have a great day everyone!

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