Thursday, February 16, 2012


I have never been known for my excellent spelling skills.  Just ask my poor Mother.  Aside from being my Mom and helping study spelling by giving me practice tests at home, she was also my teacher for 3, 4, and 5th grades (when I attended her awesome private school).

I have to say, I've gotten better over the years.  I write constantly and I guess it has helped.  Still, there are a few words that I just cannot get.  No matter how many time I write them I never spell them correctly.  Thank goodness for spell check on the computer!

AHHHH!  Now that I'm trying to spell the words I always misspell, I can't spell them at all.  I'm doing them correctly.  Wouldn't you know....  However, one word I can never spell right is 'embarrassed'.  I always do that word wrong.  How embarrassing....

Guess what! It's raining today.  I love the rain.  When I dropped off Peanut at preschool today, she ran up to her teacher and said, "I like when it rains."  Ah yes, a girl after my own heart.

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SLC said...

I can never get that word either - I don't know why. I'm glad your spelling has improved, I remember you and mom battling it out.