Friday, February 10, 2012

Top 10 foods eaten in this house

I've got a house full of kids.
Top 10 foods eaten in this house:

1. Peanut Butter Sandwiches (most of these have grape jelly on them, but not all)  Two of my children will not eat most any food I make for dinners.  They end up with pb&j sandwiches.  One son has been known to eat 3 or 4 per meal.

2. Toast with cinnamon/sugar - A favorite snack and dessert among the kids

3. Hot dogs - Everyone loves hot dogs.

4. Crackers - if I don't hide the crackers, the kids have been known to eat an entire box in a matter of minutes.

5. Apples - Yes, we do have some healthy things.  My oldest daughter especially loves apples.  She will eat several a day if you let her.

6. Tortillas - fill 'em with what you like, but we eat a lot of tortillas.

7. Cheese - I've got two sons that refuse to eat cheese.  It's OK, the amount the rest of us eats makes up for what they don't eat.  The Hubby (a cheese lover) and the oldest daughter love blue cheese and stronger flavored cheeses.  I love Parmesan (real, off the block) and mozzarella.  The kids are happy with cheddar.  We all love smoke flavored cheese with smoked Gouda being a family favorite, except for the two weirdos that won't eat cheese.

8. Pizza - we don't have this all the time, but it's a favorite choice among the family.  Everyone has their preferences.  The two boys that don't like cheese, like to eat cheese-less pizzas.  Weird.  The oldest daughter loves the "Hawaiian pizza" with Canadian bacon and pineapple.  I love stuff crust when I can have it and we all are huge fans of pepperoni.  White pizza with Alfredo sauce is also a big hit.

9. Pork - we eat this in so many varieties: chops, loins, ham, bacon, and sausage.  Pork is fixed up in some form or other every week.  I also like Spam when I can't get pork.  Living in Hawaii taught me the many uses for Spam.

10. Cereal - My kids eat a lot of cereal.  Favorites include Marshmallow Mateys, Cocoa Bombs (that's what we call them anyway), and frosted mini wheats.  Some of the kids love Grape Nuts, and Hubby is a fan of Life. 

Can you tell I've got five kids in the house?

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SLC said...

Those two can you not like cheese? Do you remember that family in our ward that didn't eat cheese? I always thought that was weird. My two little ones are into Apple Jacks right now.